10 Lessons learnt during my 4-trimester pregnancy in Africa.

[Olivia Mukam, First Pregnancy] "I started writing this blog post on December 4, 2015. I had given myself a 2 weeks challenge to publish 5 blog posts, and read 6 books, during those first 2 weeks of my maternity leave, and 2 weeks before my due date… Little did I know that I would have no time to relax and write during those weeks, and even less when I gave birth.

The last 7 months postpartum have been a roller-coaster ride, and while I have written a lot about the different episodes of new-motherhood on my Facebook profile, I never got to share my pregnancy experience. And, just as there is a scarcity of written narratives from African women on giving birth, and on the first months of first motherhood, there is just as little content, on the details and things to expect or not during pregnancy.

While the experience of pregnant women is more similar than different across the globe, it is important, I think, to have multiple written narratives from a diversity of women — particularly in Africa. I remember that, even when I took advice from websites such as babybump, babycenter, and all the other popular forums, I still wanted to know how my friends/sisters/colleagues in Cameroon experienced their pregnancies here.

My narrative here, disguised as a “Top-ten list” seeks to provide an additional testimony on the experience of first time pregnancy and first time motherhood. As you would imagine, with pregnancy related topics, my “Top-10 lesson learned” will have many details on body transformations, body processes, and body things. To some, it might sound like TMI, but you know, it’s impossible to genuinely speak about pregnancy without TMI. Lol. So, enjoy my Top-10 lessons learned during my “4-trimester” pregnancy, and while pregnant in Africa......"


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